Case Study: Trintech, Inc.

About Trintech:

Trintech is the leading provider of cloud-based financial software solutions with over 800 clients in 100 countries – including half of the Fortune 50 and the FTSE 100. After six months as contract marketing consultant, was hired full-time (September 2010 to February 2015) to evaluate and optimize the company’s digital marketing, search marketing (SEO and PPC), digital media, Public Relations and social media programs. Established a content marketing program designed to drive leads and position the company as a market leader. Additionally, led the design effort, created content and managed the re-launch of website. Trintech was acquired by Vista Equity in 2015.

The Challenge:

Trintech was a well-established solutions provider in the space. However one equal competitor plus a handful of smaller solutions were posing major challenges in the area of lead generation. In many deals Trintech was not "first in" during the bidding process as prospects were further down the sales cycle with competitors. This made winning deals much more difficult for the sales team. The issue was visibility in search engine results and social media channels. Trintech needed to bring in a digital marketing expert to help evaluate, then elevate their digital presence with the ultimate goal of entering the sales process first to win more deals. Simultaneously, Trintech wanted the same person to be able to help manage their efforts around prospect nurturing (content + CRM + marketing automation), customer retention, sales enablement, PR and thought leadership.

Examples of material created to execute the brand marketing, lead gen and retention strategies for Trintech. Click the image for a sample of our content or watch the sizzle video for our user conference product general session opening.

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The Solution:

My first step when I came to Trintech was to perform a complete audit of marketing efforts and campaigns across all channels. I very quickly identified the company's main issue was that there was no coherent and consistent strategy or messaging. It had been a series of one-off campaigns and additions to the website on what can best be described as reactionary efforts to counter specific marketing activities/messaging of the competition. This approach had been somewhat effective in the short term, but caused the website, the database, marketing templates and marketing materials to project disparate messaging and imagery. This was confusing to visitors and users and led to a lack of clear, concise messaging. People could not easily tell exactly what solutions Trintech provided.

First, I performed market research to determine key search terms that would elevate the search engine results. Once complete, I began the process of working with the marketing team, sales leadership and the executive team to craft core messages. that incorporated those key terms. As part of the lead gen effort, we began to create and publish thought leadership pieces around those key terms. Additionally, I implemented a supplementary paid search strategy to augment terms that were not moving up search results as rapidly as we had hoped. I also worked with very talented marketing team members to rework existing Pardot templates, webinar and content landing pages, created new sales support materials (digital and printed) and created a series of product demo videos for the website/sales with the new messaging and imagery. The company's social channels had been sporadically active and engagement was low. As such I created a social media strategy and deployed a social media management system (Hootsuite) along with an editorial calendar. This messaging and imagery was also carried over into the materials and visuals used for tradeshows and conference sponsorships.

For customer retention, I helped create digital media assets (video snippets) for software training. Using editing tools, we were able to develop specific training tools, as well as "tips and tricks" videos and more to guide customers towards maximizing the benefits of the solution. Additionally, I became responsible for delivering all digital assets for our annual customer conference including signage, handouts slide decks and videos. With this capability, we were able to create a customer advocacy program, delivering nearly 20 video case studies/success stories as well as numerous written case studies for the website.

In short, my mission was to evaluate current practices, develop and then execute a comprehensive marketing plan across all disciplines that would feed the sales funnel to win more deals, help retain existing revenue and expand Trintech's brand equity.

The Outcomes:

After implementing the new branding, SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, nurture campaign, PR and messaging strategy, Trintech now had a cohesive value proposition, look and language across all platforms and material. Additionally, the site was fully optimized for SEO and began delivering a significant increase in engagement and sales qualified leads. Customer onboarding and success programs were delivering strong returns and advocacy. Here are some selected results:

1. First year with company, increased marketing qualified leads by 110%.

2. Achieved page one organic rankings for 25 strategic key terms.

3. Independent survey of clients/prospects revealed 95% learned of Trintech via search engine results.

4. We ultimately achieved the goal of being "first in" on sales deals. With this winning strategy, Trintech experienced record growth year-over-year.

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"I loved working with Patrick. He is super smart but I appreciated most that he treats people with respect. He worked with me and my team like partners not just vendors. He knows how to leverage marketing and communications to address issues and more importantly opportunities."
Teri D.
Vice President, Public Relations