Case Study: iTech US, Inc.

About iTech US, Inc:

iTech offers end-to-end solutions for IT challenges with IT consulting, staffing, software development, data management and mobile resources. Hired as the Director of Digital Marketing​ (March 2015 to March 2016) to build a marketing communications effort from the ground up as the company shifted from partner sales to a direct sales model. Implemented MarCom best practices moving company towards a thought leadership and content marketing strategy to gain visibility and share in a crowded space.

The Challenge:

iTech had previously been a partner-sales based company only. Having essentially received sales from several key partners who relied on iTech to deliver IT staffing and consulting, the company had not needed a larger marketing effort. however, as the CEO positioned the company for greater growth, it became important to develop a direct-sales model. As such, the company needed to hire a marketing leader to build the department and capabilities, implementing digital marketing best practices across the spectrum.

The Solution:

The solution started with an analysis of current marketing capabilities when I came on board. The challenge was to fully understand the larger objectives of iTech and marry them to the solutions, tools and digital marketing strategy that would best help the organization achieve those goals. Since the company was effectively starting a marketing function "from scratch," the first step was to develop messaging that would project solutions to the new audience, while attempting to differentiate itself in the crowded marketplace. Once the messaging was determined, the next step was to create a new website, develop content and build out sales tools for our go to market strategy. Additionally, the company needed marketing automation and infrastructure put in place to fully execute the strategy.

The Outcomes:

The digital marketing strategy was fully implemented and brought the company into more progressive and competitive positioning. We had already begun to see improvements in strategic key term search rankings which ultimately would help deliver NB leads. Additionally, the sales group was in a much stronger position to be competitive against competitors. Here are some selected results:

1. Repositioned company brand including development of new value proposition, new value-based language, new brand standards and imagery, new website, SEO/search marketing strategy and social media outreach.

2. Researched, managed the RFP process, purchased and deployed marketing automation platform (Act-On) to manage external communications and lead gen campaigns.

3. Developed sales tools and sales content focusing on solutions as they pertain to prospect pain points with more established yet less agile competitors.

4. Though I was only with iTech for a year, I left them with a fully functioning and highly-optimized marketing engine, positioning the company to expand into new market(s) and for future success. We accomplished a great deal in that 12 months!

Is Your Current Digital Marketing Strategy Effective?

"Patrick is an exceptional marketing executive and keeps the big picture in focus among competing projects. I appreciated how thoughtfully Patrick approached each aspect of his work--from the strategic initiatives down to day-to-day decisions. He is funny, kind and genuine, and is the type of leader and mentor that builds up people around him."
Melissa S.
Vice President of Reporting