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Case Studies

Patrick Ferguson case studies

I want you to see more than just a portfolio page or a CV listing my "duties." I want you to fully understand the impact I can have on your organization... no matter the industry... no matter the challenges faced. I deliver real, measurable results through best practices in multiple marketing disciplines. Check out these case studies below to get a more complete picture of how I might help your company grow.

Looking for a Strong and Proven Marketing Leader?

"I recommend Patrick as a marketing professional without reservation. He always impressed me with his knowledge of the ever-changing market landscape. He was tireless in his efforts to improve our company's top line and delivered many, many leads to our sales team by leveraging content created by his own marketing team. He really upped our digital marketing game significantly as well, and oversaw the organization and conduct of our annual customer conference. His hard work left an indelible mark... and we are better for it."
Heather M.
Director of Operations